square and round dance in eastern ontario


The main purpose of the Association was to promote all phases of square dancing in the Lake Champlain and St. Lawrence Seaway area.

The Association expanded from the 6 original clubs of 1967 to 16 in the late 60's, then 23 by 1972, reaching 30 clubs in 1976. In 1993, we numbered 40 Square & Round dance clubs in Canada and the United States. In 2003 we number 20 square and round dance clubs. Today in 2012 we have 14 square and round dance clubs under the BBS&RDA banner, 10 in Qu├ębec, 3 in Ontario and 1 in New York.

By the mid 1970's a "New Dancers' Jamboree" was instituted, bringing the new graduates in contact with other club members and giving them the opportunity to be exposed to other callers. This "Spring Jamboree" has always taken place on the first weekend in May and now includes dancing at all levels. The BBSRDA "Fall Festival" was also introduced then and is held annually on the fourth weekend in October.

During its short life, the Association has grown to include Round Dance Clubs, another type of dancing which has attracted a large number of participants. We now have some dual dance clubs which enjoy both Square and Round dancing. With the advent of Round dancing, the Association changed it's name from Border Boosters Square Dance Association to Border Boosters Square & Round Dance Association.