square and round dance in eastern ontario


Square and Round Dancing has been active across Eastern Ontario since the early 1950s. Since then, it has become a national and international activity, and the style has modernized. Associated dance forms of folk origin include Clog, Contra, Line, and Country dancing. In Eastern Ontario EOSARDA (pronounced ee-oh-sar-dah) covers Square, Round, and Line dancing.

The EOSARDA clubs offer square dance (four couples per set), round dance (partner dancing), or line dance (singles). EOSARDA coordinates, provides services, and promotes dancing in the Eastern Ontario triangle.

EOSARDA is the first level of organization above the individual Club level, and together with the Toronto and District S&RD Association, the South-Western Ontario S&RD Association, Lakehead S&RD Association, and the clubs across Northern Ontario, form the Ontario Square and Round Dance Federation. The Canadian Square and Round Dance Society (CSRDS) is made up of members, consisting of dancers, callers, leaders, Clubs, Associations, and Federations. The Society is organized on a national basis, with its Board of Directors consisting of a representative from each Province/Territory. All three levels maintain web sites to inform dancers and other interested parties about the business and pleasure of square and round dancing, and other forms of dancing such as line dancing.

EOSARDA, together with the Ontario Square & Round Dance Federation and the Canadian Square & Round Dance Society, promotes and encourages dancing as a healthy and friendly social activity in a smoke free and alcohol free environment. This is done through several media, including publications, television, public appearances, and web sites, as well as by giving demonstration dances at schools, in shopping malls, and other public settings.