square and round dance in eastern ontario


The objective and purpose of the National Square Dance Campers Associations is to provide an opportunity for, and to encourage those interested in, both Modern Western Style Square Dancing and Camping, and to combine these two activities for mutual enjoyment.

Membership in the NSDCA is for all couples and single individuals who:
(A) Have completed a prescribed course in Modern Western Style Square Dancing or clearly demonstrate the equivalent ability in established square dance groups and
(B) Are campers

A "camper" is defined, for the purpose of this association, as one who, at regular vacation intervals resides at a vacation site, as in woods, forest, seashore, etc.; in a tent, trailer, motor home, van, or other temporary shelter, but not to include temporary residence in a motel, hotel, tourist room, or other organized facilities catering principally to transient travelers and vacationers and which normally furnished bedding, sanitary facilities, controlled air and other refinements of normal day-to-day living.

The National Square Dance Campers Association is organized and all International Camporees are programmed with the family in mind. Membership in the association shall be indicted by a membership card. All members will be affiliated with or assigned to a chapter. The National Square Dance Campers Association is the oldest, non-profit, square dance camping association.