square and round dance in eastern ontario

EOSARDA Standing Committees
Data updated: Jun 19, 2024

Operations Committee

David Western - Chair, President
Bob Pitruniak - Treasurer
Arlo Speer - Secretary
Barbara Englehart - Registrar

Technology Committee

Arlo Speer - Chair, EOSARDA Bulletins
John Charman
Geoff Clarke - Equipment
Bob Summers - eoDance Website

Publicity Committee

Lamar Mason - Chair
Gloria Bateman
Shirley Brown

Club Liaison Committee

Gerry Johnson - Chair, SquareTime Editor, Recognition, Subsidy, Scheduling Conflict
Michelle Gravelle - Dance Dangle, New Dancer Celebrations
Helen MacCallum - Achievements & Awards

Dance Committee

Michelle Gravelle - Chair
Gavin Currie
David Western

Federation Representatives

David Western
Arlo Speer
Barbara Englehart
Ron Gardiner

Contact information for most members of the committees can be found on the
EOSARDA Board page Prd