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Swing Into Spring

Swing into Spring is an Eastern Ontario dance weekend organized by a volunteer committee made up of EOSARDA member dancers. The weekend features guest out-of-town dance leaders who provide workshops for multiple levels of square and round dancing. There’s also plenty of dancing time to practise and apply what you’ve mastered in the workshops. Swing into Spring concludes Sunday afternoon with the “Mother’s Day Dance” that was traditionally operated by the former Seaway Valley Square and Round Dance Association.

Swing Into Spring will be back for 2024 – but there will be some changes!

First of all, check out our new logo at the top of this page. Swing Into Spring has a new home! We'll be at the Thousand Islands Secondary School, 2510 Parkedale Avenue in Brockville, Ontario -- just down the highway from our former home. The school will provide us with a great dance venue and, being in Brockville, we’ll have closer access to more overnight accommodation and restaurants.

Another change involves our dance programme. Regular attendees at Swing Into Spring will remember it as a weekend of both square and round dancing. A close look at revenue and costs from past years has told us that the cost of providing round dance workshops and dancing just could not be supported by the small number of dancers who joined our round dance workshops and dance sessions. Reluctantly, we realized that continuing round dancing simply wasn’t financially feasible. At the same time, a number of square dancers have been telling us that we needed to provide more time for more advanced square dancing. To better match the dancers who tell us they plan to attend, Swing Into Spring will now provide 3 halls, 3 callers and just square dancing. There will be square dance workshops and lots of dancing from basic and SSD through advanced.

Callers for the weekend will feature Jet Roberts from Alabama, Sandie Bryant from Chicago and Eastern Ontario's own Brian Crawford.

Swing Into Spring is an Eastern Ontario dance weekend organized by a volunteer committee of EOSARDA member dancers and supported by EOSARDA. We dance on the weekend of the first Sunday of May ... this year, that makes it Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday 03 - 05 May 2024.

At Swing Into Spring, you'll experience a fun and exciting weekend of dancing to callers we've selected specifically to provide interesting and innovative workshops and great dancing. If you have attended Swing into Spring in the past you'll have an opportunity to reconnect with dancers from across Eastern Ontario and beyond; if you're a new dancer or a first-time attendee, you'll discover just how great travelling and meeting new callers and dancers can be. Join us in Brockville this May.

Our volunteer committee is always looking for help. Please consider joining the Swing Into Spring committee. When we need a meeting, it is held virtually so there's no travel involved. If you have ideas and a bit of time to devote to creating a great dance weekend for your fellow dancers, contact secretary@swingintospring.ca or reach out to any of the committee members listed on the right.

Check back regularly, both here and on our Facebook page for the latest information. We look forward to seeing you in Brockville on the weekend of 03-05 May 2024.


Visit the Swing Into Spring Facebook page for photos and other information